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We can help you choose the perfect flatware to compliment your tableware. We have something for every style and aesthetic. From Ultra-modern design and contemporary shapes, to classic or the most intricate and elaborate of patterns.

Our core flatware collections consist of the following brands: Alain Saint Joanis, Odiot, Robbe & Berking, Jaronski & Vaugoin, each of whom offers extensive collections of hand crafted luxury flatware & cutlery. We will work with you to select the collection particularly suited to your style and needs …

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Alain Saint Joanis

This French family owned company has been designing and hand crafting flatware and cutlery since 1876. Their collections are known for their use of various woods, resins and enamels. Their passion for design can be seen in the diversity of their collections, which range from real bamboo which is perfect for the beach or everyday use, to intricate enamel with silver overlay which would be the perfect complement to an elegant table setting.



The oldest existing silversmith in France. Its history dates to 1690. During its rich history it was the court silversmith for the Emperor Napoleon, along with many other European royal families and nobility. Their archive also includes some of the most famous patterns from France’s Art Deco Era. Including the pattern that was used on the Luxury Ocean liner Normandy. These collections are still produced as they have been for centuries from the original designs and finished by hand. All collections are available in luxurious sterling silver or gold vermeil.


Robbe & Berking

This family owned and operated 5th generation German Silver manufacturer has earned a world-wide reputation for making some of the finest handcrafted sterling silver, and silver-plated cutlery and table accessories available. Their innovative contemporary designs and impeccable quality is unmatched by the larger more well-known luxury brands.


Jarosinski & Vaugoin

Founded in 1847 and now operated by the 6th generation of its founders, this Viennese silversmith has been renowned for is quality, attention to detail and with an eye toward design since its inception. They was first recognized for their designs and craftsmanship at the Viennese World Exhibition of 1874. Their focus on being on the forefront of design continued thru the 1930s with their association with many of the artists and designers from the Wiener Werkstätte under Josef Hoffmann. With this long history of focus on design, Vaugoin Silver has one of the largest collections of active patterns and shapes available. Featuring designs from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau & Biedermeier periods, as well as modern designs. Custom made designs and engravings are also available today, all of their silver flatware and table accessories are still manufactured by hand, in their workshop located in the heart of Vienna.


Jarosinski and Vaugoin Handmade Silver Cutlery at The Silver Peacock Inc.

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